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Accessories are equippable items that can provide defense and/or special abilities, such as limited flight. Up to two accessories may be equipped simultaneously; furthermore, up to two accessories may be placed in vanity slots, which will show the items on the player (if possible) but will not apply their effects. No duplicate accessories may be equipped. In the mod currenty there are only three obtainable accessories.

Movement[edit | edit source]

Accessory Where can be found Effect Notes
File:Miki's Boots.png Miki's Boots In the chest in the Bakery of Sivania. Allows player to run at double speed after running uninterrupted for a while.
Bottle.png Bottle In the chest in the Pyramid in Sivania while doing the "Temple of Ra" quest. N/A Material
Cloud in a Bottle.png Cloud in a Bottle Crafted on the nearby fan or while mining clouds. Allows player to double jump. Needs recharge. Recharges while mining clouds or killing Upset Nimbuses.
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