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Skills - a measure of a player's progression through Super Terraria World.

In STW, characters will be able to gain experience in a variety of different skills, both combat and non-combat. While the skills listed below are currently the only skills available, the STW developers do have plans for adding more in the future. All skills start at level 1 and can eventually be increased to a maximum of 100.

There are currently seven skills in the game, divided into two distinct categories.

Combat Skills[edit | edit source]

Currently, there are three combat skills in STW--melee, ranged, and magic. The summoner playstyle is currently included in magic, though the STW developers are considering making it separate. Each combat skill can be leveled up by gaining experience through killing creatures. If you kill a slime using a sword, you will be granted experience in the melee skill. Experience gained is determined by the amount of damage you do. This means if you hit a slime with your sword, then swap to a bow, hit it once more, then finish it off with a wand, you will be granted experience gains in all three combat skills, varying with how much damage you caused.

Leveling a combat skill increases a weapon’s damage modifier. The higher you level up your combat skills, the more damage you will be able to cause. In addition, armor in STW is restricted by combat skill level. Increasing your skill level will allow you to equip stronger armor types.

Skill Description
Melee Allows players to wear melee style helmets. Increases damage with melee weapons.
Magic Allows players to wear magic style helmets. Increases damage with mana based ranged weapons.
Ranged Allows players to wear ranged style helmets. Increases damage with projectile based ranged weapons.

Non-Combat[edit | edit source]

Crafting Skills[edit | edit source]

Crafting skills allow players to turn raw materials into powerful items.

Skill Description
Crafting Allows players to craft certain weapons, armor, accessories, and ammunition, as well as some quest items. Similarly to the mining skill, higher tiered crafting recipes will require a higher crafting skill level.
Chemistry Allows players to brew new potions using raw ingredients which you can find or fish from various locations. As you level up your chemistry skill, you will be granted access to the chemistry potion tree, which will allow you to pick which potion you wish to learn. Gaining levels continues to unlock points to spend in this tree.

Gathering Skills[edit | edit source]

Gathering skills allow players to harvest natural resources from the world around them.

Skill Description
Mining Dictates which ore types players are allowed to mine. Higher tiered ores will require higher mining levels.
Fishing Similar to fishing in Vanilla Terraria, though new and bigger fish will require a higher fishing level to catch.
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