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All versions prior to 1.12.1a were Windows only. Linux versions became available starting with version 1.12.1a, released on October 5, 2016, while the Mac versions became available starting with version 1.12.2a, released October 12, 2016.

Version Release date Name Highlights & notes
1.12.4 29 Nov, 2016 Bugfixes Top Tier Patron rewards added
1.12.3a 15 Oct, 2016 Bugfixes
1.12.2a 12 Oct, 2016 Mac Release!
1.12.1a 06 Oct, 2016 Linux Release!
1.12a 29 Sep, 2016 Ported to Terraria! Released Trailer, Added the NPC Pat in Ayeswell
1.11a 16 Aug, 2016 Added Player owned World Portal to Ayeswell, Major update to Odin's Fjord
1.10a 12 Jul, 2016[1] New quest! A Ghoulish Task quest has been implemented!, Major update to the Desert Outpost and Pyramid in Sivania, Added Player owned World Portal to Ayeswell
1.9.1a 26 Jun, 2016 Hotfixes
1.9a 25 Jun, 2016 New quest! Tutorial Troubles quest has been implemented!
1.8.5a 04 Jun, 2016 Poreted to Terraria 1.3.1
1.8.4a 21 May, 2016[2]

Added "neutral" NPC AI, Added Shackled Debuff, New Furniture, New NPCs, Added Arrow indications above the player's head when standing in front of a teleport/transition location, Alternative right-click attack mechanics added, New and beautiful Quest Log has been implement, Access to the Ferrousanguis Region

1.8.3a 10 Apr, 2016 Hotfixes
1.8.2a 09 Apr, 2016 Hotfixes Updated Damage Tooltips for weapons
1.8.1a 02 Apr, 2016[3]

Updated Dryad's Distress quest

1.8a 26 Mar, 2016[4] Finished Dryad's Distress quest!, QuestLog HeroMenu Updates, Added Furniture to Desert Outpost
1.7.1a 30 Jan, 2016[5]

First batch of wands have been added

1.7a 24 Jan, 2016[6]

Quest Indication, System Sugar Rush Buff, Sivania map has been drastically updated

1.6.2a 09 Jan, 2016[7] Hotfixes Added [Game Tips]!
1.6.1a 30 Dec, 2015[8] Hotfixes
1.6a 00 Dec, 2015 Ported to Terraria 1.3! Miki's Delivery Service Quest has been added!
1.5a 27 Jun, 2015[9] Ore regeneration mechanic, Minecart Madness Quest has been added!
1.4a June 10, 2011[10] Temple of Ra Quest has been added!
1.3a 24 May, 2015[11] Fishing Challenges implemented!
1.2.1a 18 Apr, 2015[12] Hotfixes
1.2a 03 Apr, 2015[13] Hotfixes
1.1a 21 Mar, 2015[14] New Furniture

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